Don’t Be Excited For 2019!

It’s true I’m being misleading saying that. It’s not that I don’t want you to be excited for 2019, I do. I just want you to be aware that you are thinking about 2019 as a year ahead of you. It is, but it’s not.

2019 is today, it’s this moment. I often find myself thinking of 2019 as this year that is waiting to happen to me, so elusive.A surprise waiting for me wrapped up with a bow. It’s not that at all. 2019 is now! It’s this moment.

I guess one of my goals for 2019 is to not allow myself to fall into the trap of waiting for the future to come and to happen to me. I want to remember that there is no future. The future only exists in our thoughts. By the time 2019 is finished I will find myself thinking of 2020, and the moment will be lost. Today will be lost.

I want you to enjoy 2019 today. Take a moment to realize how lucky, blessed, happy you are to be alive today! You made it to year 2019 baby! Now rock it, but not tomorrow or next week. Rock it today. Rock it by giving yourself the much needed rest you need, redefining your version of success, allowing yourself to see your deepest hurts and being ok with fact that you need some healing. Rock it by letting go, slowly if thats what you need, of your biggest fears. Do so by understanding that you are loved, and that even if you are not loving yourself has to be enough.

2019 is exciting, it’s beautiful and pregnant with possibilities, 2019 is now. This moment is worth enjoying and appreciating, even if it’s no perfect, because it’s not perfect. So next time you catch yourself thinking about 2019 as this thing or event that is waiting to happen to you ask yourself “What is something I am doing today that I can enjoy in year 2019?”.

-Love and Peace


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